ToonMath for Mac v1.0.2

ToonMath for Mac v1.0.2

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  • 游戏类型: Mac体育竞技
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  • 更新时间:2022-04-28
  • 系统要求:mac
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ToonMath for Mac v1.0.2_https://www.69px.com__第1张来自Mac App Store官方介绍

ToonMath is a 3D adventure game that makes maths fun by immersing kids in a virtual world, where friendly creatures lead them, as they explore and do math.

ToonMath builds a solid foundation in math and gives kids countless hours of math practice, while they're having fun exploring interesting virtual world and interacting with cute, adorable characters.

ToonMath starts from basic number facts and builds upon them to cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It presents questions in a graded manner, that make it natural for kids to understand patterns and relationships when going from single digit computations to multiple digits.

It works with kids of all abilities, including gifted, remedial or special needs kids. Unlike other games that create time pressure or offer multiple choices, ToonMath uses research and evidence based methods to help kids get the mastery they require, to be successful at school and in their future careers. All this, while being addicting and a whole lot of fun!


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