Tank Fighter League 3D for Mac v1.0

Tank Fighter League 3D for Mac v1.0

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  • 游戏类型: Mac模拟经营
  • 大小:45.77M
  • 更新时间:2022-04-28
  • 系统要求:mac
  • 上传者:可爱牛牛
  • 上传时间:2022-04-28


Tank Fighter League 3D for Mac v1.0_https://www.69px.com__第1张来自Mac App Store官方介绍

Prepare for a real battle with Tank Fighter League 3D. Get to the battlefield! Many tanks with different weapons to choose from.

Piloting your new advanced tank, you will be shooting it out with various units such as tanks, choppers, police vehicles, guns and more. Fire your main cannon and watch as the enemy explodes into pieces. Use your missiles to bring down enemy planes or anything else that needs blowing up!

Your aim is to destroy enemy tanks as many as possible while getting survival as long as possible and top your position on public scoreboard.


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