Colosseum Heroes 3D for Mac v1.0

Colosseum Heroes 3D for Mac v1.0

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  • 游戏类型: Mac赛车游戏
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  • 更新时间:2022-04-28
  • 系统要求:mac
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Colosseum Heroes 3D for Mac v1.0_https://www.69px.com__第1张来自Mac App Store官方介绍


Are you dreaming of tribal wars and medieval atmosphere? Be a real warrior fighet with Colosseum Heroes 3D! It’s time to get this killer game on your phone. Fighting game with strong gladiators and unlimited fights! Colosseum Heroes 3D - real gladiator escape is a rage of gladiators in your device!

You should stay on the arena as long as possible. Use sword and other medieval weapon to win this ancient battle! Tribal wars have begun! Two gladiators fight till the last drop of blood - more than exciting arcade game! You are one of the gladiators battling for their lifes in the arena of Coliseum!

Start the battle and stay alive. Gladiator killer game! Beat them before they brutally beat you - use your medieval weapon! Coliseum Heroes - enjoy the realistic animations and sound effects. Great ancient battle for free. Don’t hesitate and download tribal wars on your phone! Good luck!

Colosseum Heroes 3D features

-Fantastic 3D graphics makes the game realistic;
-Intuitive control and comfortable interface for the best fight;
-Medieval fighting and ancient battle
-High quality sounds effects

Do you want to become a real warrior fighter in ancient battle? So, there is amazing killer game for you! It’s a gladiator time! Come enjoy Colosseum Heroes 3D right now! You shouldn’t miss this app! Let’s try!


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