Bubble Thing for Mac v0.0.1d1

Bubble Thing for Mac v0.0.1d1

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  • 游戏类型: Mac音乐游戏
  • 大小:5.61M
  • 更新时间:2022-04-28
  • 系统要求:mac
  • 上传者:可爱牛牛
  • 上传时间:2022-04-28


Bubble Thing for Mac v0.0.1d1_https://www.69px.com__第1张来自Mac App Store官方介绍

Bubble Thing is bubble-filled strategy game.

Inflate things: Quickly to make them pop, slowly to make them grow. Make chains. Meet the boss. Enjoy the music.

Arrow keys move.
WASD to inflate in four directions.

Popping bigger bubbles will spawn more chain-bullets which will pop other bubbles creating chain reactions. They will also release more collectables which net you a greater score.

This game was programmed during the Toronto Game Jam, 2006.


Bubble Thing for Mac v0.0.1d1_https://www.69px.com__第2张v0.0.1d1版本新功能…更多…