XSC for Mac v2.0

XSC for Mac v2.0

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  • 游戏类型: Mac动作射击
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  • 更新时间:2022-04-28
  • 系统要求:mac
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XSC for Mac v2.0_https://www.69px.com__第1张来自Mac App Store官方介绍

XSC is a port of the SC68 player for XMMS and Winamp into an Aqua application for Mac OS X. The XSC shell is made in Java and should hopefully work with any Mac OS X 10.3.x version, however only OS X 10.3.5-7 has been properly tested.

SC68 is a library of players for different chip music formats. Mostly for Atari ST, but also some Amiga synths and Atari ST digisynths are supported. The main goal for porting SC68 to Mac OS X has been to be able to replay Atari ST native SNDH chipmusic files. SC68 is pretty capable of generating accurate results, but has some shortcomings (4-bit envelope volume which should be 5-bit for better accuracy).


XSC for Mac v2.0_https://www.69px.com__第2张v2.0版本新功能Version 2.0: The code has been rewrittenfrom scratch in Objective-C (previously Java). The SC68 libs have been updated to support SNDH v2.0-tags and fixed from a few bugs.Apart from that, the application looks a little differentbut doesn't actually do much more than the old one.However, the foundation is much more robust so we'll beable to do nifty feature upgrades more easily in thefuture. …更多…